Read below for brief summaries on some more recent completed projects.


April, 2012

Task: Design and Implement a D/R Solution for a medium sized business with three locations.

Background: No prior D/R Solution in place.  New vSphere Cluster and physical to virtual conversion of most of infrastructure recently completed.


December 2013 - June 2014

Task: Migrate approximately 114 SQL 2008 Databases from an older cluster to a newer SQL 2012 Cluster.

Background: SQL 2008 was running on older IBM servers and the goal was to move it the newer cluster using EMC storage connected to the servers.


February 2012

Task: Migrate Hyper-V guests and P2V all physical servers to VMware 5.0

Background: Single Hyper-V Host with five Guests and four physical servers needing migration.  Three of the physical servers to become hosts as budget did not permit new hardware.

June 2013
Task: Migrate approximately 500 Virtual Servers Hyper-V to VMware 5.0

Background: Symantec Netbackup was no longer able to back up older Hyper-V Guests on a cluster.  Newer VMware cluster already deployed and working with Netbackup.



Task: Equipment, cabling and servers all needing to be updated and or replaced at 12 separate locations.

Background: Many locations did not have proper racks, routers and switches are out of support and Metro-Over-Ethernet connections to be deployed.  All connections going back to main office/data center.

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